Urban Africa Atelier

Urban Africa Atelier is a leather design studio based in Cape Town.
Founded in 2005, Urban Africa Atelier specializes in making leather bags and accessories. Each leather piece is designed with the same vision in mind: minimalistic, functional, sophisticated, timeless in design but contemporary and understated but aspiring.

All leather skins are sourced and handpicked by the team from a tannery in the Western Cape. That way, the best quality for the range and clients is guaranteed. Leather is a natural living material; all skins are different and unique as they carry their little imperfections. As a brand, Urban Africa Atelier thrives to have no waste and to use every leather off-cut by using them for example for making keyrings of the Afrographic range. Check out the Shark.

Finally, the Urban Africa designers launched in December 2016 a new brand, Project Dyad. Click here to discover the new site.